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Thank you to our table chairs, Mary Cumming & Jane Miller, and the table decorators - Annette McDermott, Becky Wagner, Rita Keys, Pat McDermott, Erin Scott, Ann Vandiver, Pat Menzel, Mary Pat Cavanagh, Anna Marie Dust, Becky Minder, Alma Mandeville, Janice White, Kerry Ingram, Stacy Boll, Carol Gvazdinskas, Sheri Dhabalt, Jacki Ralph, Sandy Cavanagh, Ann Healy, Meg Smith, Margaret Serati, Morgan Ambrose, Suzanne Baase, Mary Cumming, Sally Petrone & Jane Miller.

A special thank you to Joan Newell for coordinating and setting up the dessert buffet.  It was beautiful and the desserts were delicious!  The fabulous bakers were - Ann Vandiver, Rita Keys, Kim Lenz, Sheri Dhabalt, Becky Wagner, Teresa DeStasio, Mary Cumming, Mary Ann Burns, Deena Bell, Sally Petrone, Pat Menzel, Mary Ann Pohl, Beth Lashbrook, Judith Powers, Jane Miller, Karen Moffat, Carol Gvazkiskas, & Anna Marie Dust.

Thank you to Becky Minder for coordinating the drinks - especially the well-received Wassail that many women enjoyed!   We also appreciate the volunteers from the Men's Club who did a wonderful job serving the drinks during the evening. 

We appreciate Sally Petrone for suggesting this event at our committee meeting and for coordinating and hosting it at Blessed Sacrament Parish.  The popularity of the event kept our volunteer registration chair very busy.  Thank you to Mary Ann Pohl for answering the many phone calls and trying to accomodate everyone's table requests.  It was a delightful evening and one that we hope to repeat again next year!