St. Vincent DePaul Society

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul ( is an international organization dedicated to the service to the poor. There are chapters, known as conferences, on five continents and 149 countries.  It was founded in 1833 in Paris, France, by blessed Frederic Ozanam and some of his fellow university students. Originally founded as the Conference of Charity, they soon adopted St. Vincent de Paul, known as "the Great Apostle of Charity", as their patron saint and changed their name. Today’s members, known as" Vincentians", still try to serve the needy on a person-to-person basis because "in attending to the needy and suffering, a Vincentian is ministering to Jesus Christ himself".

Today, the Society of St.Vincent de Paul Conference at Blessed Sacrament Church tries to carry on that same spirit of being friends of the poor. Through in-home visits, our members meet face to face with those in need and try to provide some assistance.  That assistance may take the form of help with rent or utilities, or it may be just a food card or a tank of gas.  We receive our funding through the generosity of our parish members by way of "loose change" collections on Sundays, the poor box in the back of the church, and direct individual donations.  Our conference meetings are held quarterly with dates and times printed in the church bulletin, and new members are always welcome.  You can also contact us by calling the church rectory at 528-7521.